Bubble Bubble 2 Review: Introduction


There's nothing better than a bit of witchcraft to flavor up the Halloween season. For most somebody, the idea of witchcraft spells and broomstick riding is just a flight of fancy, a little fun to add to the creepiest season ever. But many cultures also hold a lengthy practice of witchcraft, even if it doesn't appear in our contemporary depictions of women with boiling cauldrons and big black caps.

Although they look like women in party costumes, you'll be dealing with real, powerful witches in Realtime Gaming's Bubble Bubble 2 slot, a new slot machine dedicated to sorcery and big wins. The sequel game builds on the ideas of the original game in the series, adding more magic, symbols, and ways to win, including three thrilling free spins bonus rounds that can fast lead to big payouts.

How To Play Bubble Bubble 2

The slot is witch-themed with a sinister cartoon style and outspoken characters.

The name of the slot is an inaccurate quote from witches in Shakespeare's Macbeth ("Double, double, and kettle bubble," "Fly up, the tongue of fire! / Boil, boil, cook!" ). All in all, this is a fun game with a Halloween theme that many people might enjoy.

In spirit, the slot is reminiscent of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Pictures, sounds, and animation

The pictures in the slot are excellent. The characters are well drawn, the Halloween costumes look attractive, and even characters without witches are remembered for their unusualness and expressiveness.

The animations could be much better: they are inferior to the graphics and less exciting than we would like.

The music and soundtrack partially compensate for the shortcomings of the animation and create a cheerful atmosphere of frivolous horror stories.


The slot has five reels with three symbols each and 50 pay lines.

The three bonus features make the game more varied, but it's pretty simple overall.

There is no gambling feature in Bubble Bubble 2 slot USA.

In the main game of Bubble Bubble 2 slot online, there are two types of wilds - Winnie the witch, which appears only on the first reel, and Wanda, the witch, which appears only on the fifth reel. These Wilds cover all symbols, including the Scatter symbol, and extend to the entire reel. Wins with one wild get an x3 multiplier, and wins with two wilds at once get x9.

Concluding Thoughts

With a spooky yet spooky vibe, Bubble Bubble 2 is an excellent video slot for Halloween. The pictures and soundtrack are the greatest to Bubble Bubble.

We are confident that it will match well with the original and competitors. Out of the 3 free spins features, we like Wilder Witches the most, significantly when they both expand the field of wild witches.


At first glance, you can tell that this action-packed sequel has few improvements and that the 2017 release is very similar to the original. This is why we advise all players to give Bubble Bubble 2 slot review a try before they make their final verdict, as we firmly believe that they will change their minds after a couple of spins. The visuals are much better, as is the soundtrack, and there are some improvements regarding special features. In general, the game is destined to become a hit.

Bubble Bubble 2 slot game - gimmick or fun? Fun!

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