What is a Welcome offer?

The Shazam Welcome offer is a bonus that all new casino users receive. Typically, this is a small no-deposit bonus, which you can spend at your discretion, to try out the games the casino offers, and to try winning strategies and tactics. Everyone decides for himself how to dispose of his welcome bonus. Also, it can be a free spin, for which you can get your first jackpot if you are fortunate.

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Benefits and short bonuses for Welcome offer

Even though the Shazam Welcome offer is usually not big, it has several advantages such as:

  • can familiarize yourself with the casino without spending a lot of money, or without spending anything at all, you can try out different games and determine what you like best;
  • you are less worried about your money trying your first winning tactics because you have plenty of bonuses that allow you to spend less and get more;
  • simply enjoy playing at the casino, because not everyone has come here to make money, many just go to the casino to get a break from the routine and get their dose of excitement.

As you can see, Shazam casino Welcome offer has a lot of positive aspects. Also, many casinos give an increased coefficient on your first deposit, thanks to which you can spend less and get more. Even though these bonuses are usually not big, you still shouldn't neglect them, because it's still very rewarding.

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It is also worth breaking down what bonuses may be:

  • free spins are several free spins in the slot. For these free spins you can get a lot of profits without spending anything;
  • free play - differs from Freespin in the fact that given not the number of free spins, and the time for which you will not be written off, while you rotate slots;
  • increased odds on your first deposit. One of the most useful bonuses because it multiplies your deposit. You'll get more by spending less.

Of course, there are many other bonuses, but it is simply impossible to list them all here.

How to claim the Welcome offer

To get your Welcome offer Shazam casino you must make:

  1. Go to the official website of the casino.
  2. Register by clicking on the button "Sign in" and go through the registration process by filling in all the necessary fields. Be sure to specify your current email address. It will send you a confirmation letter, as well as bonuses for customers of the casino.
  3. After you register, go to your cabinet on the official site and get your bonuses.

By following these instructions, you can get your bonuses as soon as possible.


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What is a welcome bonus?
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