Asgardian Stones Slot Machine Review

Asgardian Stones slot is a thrilling game that will immerse you in a world of ancient Norse gods and giant stone obelisks. Embark on an epic adventure to unlock the ancient secrets of Asgard and try to conquer its riches. Read more Asgardian Stones slot review to find out more.

Benefits of Asgardian Stones slot:

  • Fast and Exciting Gameplay - Experience fast-paced action and thrilling gameplay in Asgardian Stones.
  • Unique and Engaging Theme - The game boasts an intriguing Norse mythology-inspired theme with beautiful visuals and incredible sound effects.
  • Numerous Bonus Features - Enjoy bonus features like Wild Substitutions, Colossal Symbols, and the Avalanche Meter.
  • Generous Payouts - The slot offers big payouts thanks to its 20 paylines and an impressive RTP of 96.31%.
  • Great Return on Investment - The game has a low minimum bet and high maximum bet, making it suitable


Asgardian Stones Netent mechanics are a unique combination of stone obelisks and traditional reels. At the start of each spin, huge stone blocks fall onto the reels, occupying multiple positions. These blocks can be either regular symbols or colossal symbols that occupy 2x2 or 3x3 cells on the reels. When the reels stop, the blocks can either form winning combinations or be destroyed, making room for new symbols.


The Avalanche feature in the Asgardian Stones slot game is a crucial element of its mechanics. When a spin results in a win, the symbols responsible for the win disappear, making room for new symbols that cascade down from the top of the screen to fill the gaps. This gives players the opportunity to create new symbol combinations, potentially leading to larger winnings with higher multipliers. The process continues as long as new winning combinations are formed, creating a chain of consecutive wins. Asgardian Stones slot game mechanics combine innovative elements with traditional slot features to create an exciting and dynamic gaming experience.

Betting and rewards percentages

Asgardian Stones slot game lets you choose different betting levels depending on your preference and budget. This slot offers a wide range of stakes, allowing each player to find the best option. 

Asgardian Stones RTP is approximately 96.31%. This means that over a long period of time, players receive almost 96.31% of their total bets as payouts. This impressive payout percentage makes the slot very attractive to players, increasing their chances of getting significant payouts in the long run.

Asgardian Stones is an attractive option for slot machine and gambling enthusiasts, as it includes exciting game mechanics, bonus features and a significant payout percentage. The game guarantees not only enjoyable entertainment, but also the opportunity to earn impressive prizes, making it an attractive choice.


Bonus Features

Asgardian Stones offers not only exciting game mechanics, but also a number of exciting bonus features. One of these is the 'Colossal Crush' feature, which is activated when colossal stone blocks destroy winning combinations and increase multipliers. The game also has a "Free Spins" feature that gives you the opportunity to get Asgardian Stones free spins and increase your winnings.


Asgardian Stones slot machine impresses with its stunning visuals. The graphics and animation are top-notch, taking you straight into the heart of Norse mythology. Every symbol and detail in the game is designed with great attention to detail in order to create an atmosphere of grandeur and power for the ancient gods and their world. The soundtrack also marries perfectly with the visuals, creating a full immersion and atmosphere of mystery.

Special Stages

Playing the Asgardian Stones slot game will increase your chances of making big payouts thanks to a set of exclusive features that trigger a new level of gaming experience. The Colossal Crush is a special feature that is activated when the stones in a winning combination crumble, making way for new symbols to appear. If stones fall from above and break existing blocks, Colossal Crush is activated, adding an extra level of excitement to the game. It increases the multiplier and brings additional wins. This feature can be accompanied by impressive visual effects, adding dynamism and tension to the gameplay.

Another exciting feature is the Bonus Wheel feature. When a bonus block hits the reels, the bonus wheel is activated. The player has to spin the wheel to get extra wins, multipliers or Asgardian Stones free spins. This creates an extra element of luck and excitement, allowing the player to increase their chances of big winnings. The combination of the Colossal Crush and Bonus Wheel feature makes play Asgardian Stones particularly exciting and appealing to gambling enthusiasts looking for big winnings and an unforgettable gaming experience.

Play for free

Play Asgardian Stones free provides an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the game and its mechanics without having to risk any real money. Many online casinos offer a demo mode where players can enjoy playing with virtual credits. This is an ideal way to familiarise yourself with the slot's features and bonuses, learn the game mechanics and decide your personal preferences before placing a real bet.


To play Asgardian Stones for free, players can experiment with different strategies and bets, exploring the effects of different symbols and bonus features on game results. The free mode also allows players to experience the game's atmosphere and enjoy the visuals and sound, without being limited by budget. Once players have mastered the mechanics and feel confident, they can move on to play for real money to experience real gambling excitement and be able to win real cash prizes.

Asgardian Stones slot machine is a unique journey into the world of Scandinavian mythology, where the majesty of the gods is combined with the stone power of the obelisks. Excellent game mechanics, a variety of bonus features, a wide betting range and a high percentage of returns make this slot attractive to gambling enthusiasts. Embodying the epic spirit of the Scandinavian gods, the Asgardian Stones slot machine offers an unforgettable gaming experience that will leave you hungry for new adventures and riches. Join this exciting journey and discover the ancient secrets of Asgard!